Posted on October 8th, 2016 in Professional Development


New EDEN PowerPoint Templates

screenshot-2016-10-17-11-45-22Are you making a presentation that represents the Extension Disaster Education Network? We have the template for you. The new EDEN PowerPoint templates are being used in new and updated EDEN educational programs, EDEN 101 orientation for new delegates, EDEN webinar slides and in other ways.

The 4:3 ratio presentation orientations are best used in typical powerpoint scenarios such as a presentation screen or an older laptop.  The 16:9 ratio is more appropriate for newer laptops and presenting on televisions.

Visit the EDEN Marketing Page at EDEN.LSU.EDU to download these templates.

New EDEN Fliers

screenshot-2016-10-17-16-47-24The EDEN Marketing committee was charged with developing a one-page flier for EDEN to be used as a marketing piece with internal and external audiences. The idea was to have a grab and go piece that would express what EDEN is, the goals of EDEN, how to access EDEN resources, and a snapshot of our collaborating organizations. Treye Rice from Texas A&M developed a total of six. They all have the same information about the EDEN organization, but include different photos depicting various disasters. They are designed to be personalized by users to reflect state needs. Please email us if you are interested in personalizing one of these pages for your state or university.

Download all six fliers as a PDF