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A fact sheet for safely removing mold on a variety of surfaces in the home and on household textiles and cleaning up mold after flooding.  

Guide to help people prepare for emergencies and provide information to help them during and after the emergency.  

Checklist for items to include in a grab-and-go kit when evacuating one’s home during an emergency.  

Plan y kit básico de suministros de emergencia Tenga linternas con pilas que funcionen para todos los miembros del hogar. Por su seguridad, tenga a mano cargadores portátiles y bancos de energía para sus telé- fonos, computadoras portátiles y tabletas. Empiece a planificar ahora en caso de que necesite salir…

El clima severo puede ocurrir en cualquier momento. Prepárese con anticipación para que usted y sus hijos estén seguros, confiados y listos. Los niños pequeños y mayores dependen de los adultos para que les proporcionen información y orientación. ¿Ha hablado con ellos sobre qué hacer si ocurre un clima severo?…

This fact sheet discusses the importance of having an emergency supply kit. Though prepared emergency kits can be purchased, they are often expensive and may include supplies that you do not need and lack those specific to your needs. View the Resources: Ver Los Recursos Aqui:

Severe weather can strike at any time. Prepare in advance so you and your children are safe, confident, and ready. Younger and older children rely on adults to provide information and guidance. Have you discussed with them what to do if severe weather strikes?  

The Oregon Coastal Hazards Ready (OCHR) Library & Mapper is an ArcGIS StoryMap that displays 39 case studies of coastal hazards preparedness (more to come!). The Mapper is designed to assist individuals, communities, and tribal and local governments in identifying approaches to prepare for acute and chronic coastal hazards.  

This fact sheet describes the mechanics of thunder and lightning with a focus on dry lightning which increases fire risk and how to avoid and respond to lightning strikes.  

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